Photographies argentiques, «uprooted» de Devora Neumark et Tali Goodfriend, Montréal, Juin 2007.

CRÉDIT: Photographie argentiques, Louise Lachapelle, uprooted_Images

This intervention was performed as we walked the streets « in association with a coalition of protestors denouncing Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestinian land and its practice of apartheid. […] However large the current human deracination problem, to truly understand the scope of the Nakba, one has to also take into consideration the environmental context including the uprooting of centuries-old olive trees by the Israeli Defense Force.

Devora Neumark, Extrait de «uprooted», Works
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Une photographie originale noir et blanc extraite de cette série a été publiée dans «Performing Solidarity: Jewish/Palestinian Alliance-building, Street Art Interventions, and the Power of Symbolic Encounters», Devora Neumark, Ottawa, Humanist Perspectives: 169, 2009.

Plusieurs photographies de cette série sont diffusées sur le site de Devora Neumark.